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  • To serve as a unified voice for allied health in the state.
  • To represent mutual interests of allied health educators, practitioners, and students in legislative, professional, health planning, and consumer affairs.
  • To promote multidisciplinary liaison and cooperation in allied health fields.
  • To serve as a forum/platform for discussion of issues and trends for allied health fields.
  • To provide an opportunity for educational institutions, professions, organizations, practitioners, students, and others concerned with allied health to exchange ideas on matters of mutual concern.
  • To advance public awareness and marketability of allied health care.
  • To offer venues of exchange of information and collaborative enterprise among allied health professionals and programs within the state.
  • To develop leaders in allied health for the 21st century.

The Texas Society for Advancement of Health Professions is a professional organization, dedicated to enhancing and promoting education, research, and clinical practice of allied health professional within the state.



  • The Texas Society for Advancement of Health Professions (TSAHP) was established and approved as a Texas Corporation in 1978.
  • TSAHP is a state-wide nonprofit scientific and professional organization formed to serve the needs of allied health educators, practitioners, professional institutions & organizations, and others seriously interested in improving health care & health care education.
  • TSAHP provides a vital forum in which allied health educators and practitioners can address and act on mutual concerns.
  • TSAHP policies provide equal eligibility and responsibility for full participation in programs of the Society.

Download: TSAHP Bylaws